Equip your customers with a reliable tour guide system.


Customer identification with a brand is one of the most important aspects of business. Establish permanent cooperation with us, and the tour guide system will include your company's logo.

Social distancing

The tour guide system is a guarantee of safe sightseeing, training or event in the world after COVID-19.


Quality and reliability come first

Many years of experience in the tourism industry has allowed us to adjust the offer for renting a tour guide system to your needs.
When preparing the offer for tour guide rentals, we put ourselves into the role of owners and employees of travel agencies, tour leaders and guides, as well as tourists. Thanks to this, we got to know the needs and expectations of each party.

For 7 years of the company's activity, we have prepared procedures that guarantee the same quality and reliability of the tour guide regardless of the direction of rental or the location of our branch.

Each year, our team analyzes your opinions and works on new, innovative solutions that make the rental of the tour guide system better.




10 000

We are able to implement the biggest events in the country. On the Greek market, we have equipment that allows us to handle up to 10,000 people at the same time.


Before each rental, the tour guide set is serviced and thoroughly checked for sound transmission quality.

Hygiene and safety

Before each use, transmitters, receiver, microphones, suitcases and bags are cleaned and disinfected, and the lanyards are washed at high temperature with disinfectants.

Disposable headphones

Our offer includes three models of high-quality disposable headphones tailored to each client.


We use reputable batteries dedicated to the industry. Their power is enough to handle even 14-day trips.


Deliveries in Kraków, Wrocław, Łańcut and Rzeszów are performed by our employees. In other locations via a courier company.

Place of delivery

The order can be delivered to the starting point of the trip, where a coach is put, airport in Krakow and Warsaw, and in the case of deliveries by courier to the company's headquarters, carrier, pilot, etc.

Execution time

The orders can be completed on the same day in Kraków, Łańcut and Rzeszów. In other locations - the next business day.

Express delivery

In the case of urgent orders, we are able to deliver the tour guide system within a few hours in any location in Poland and Europe.