Tour guide Okayo WT-300 – set

Brand: Okayo

Application: tourism, factory tours, simultaneous translations, conferences, training

Product description

The best tour guide system on the market. Its greatest advantages are: crystal-clear sound quality and a range of up to 150 m. Due to its simple structure, the Okayo WT-300 headset is very durable and reliable. It is perfect for servicing tourist groups, visiting factories or conferences.

The basic set consists of 50 receivers, 2 transmitters, 2 microphones and a transport bag. The set can be freely configured. It also requires accessories such as disposable headphones or batteries.

Technical data:

Operating range

863-865 MHz

Channel blocking


Energy saving system (automatic shutdown after 20 mi. Idle)





130 m

Working hours

55 h


2 x alkaline batteries AA

Weight (with batteries)

110 g


31,7 x 67,7 x 92 mm

  • Crystal quality of the transmission.
  • Easy to use. 3. Light weight - only 110 g.
  • Incredible range of up to 130 m.
  • 40 channels to choose from, which reduces the probability of interference (in the event of the interference caused by another group using a system operating at a similar frequency range you can always turn to another channel).
  • Automatic button lock that prevents accidental change of the channel.
  • Energy saving system that disables the receiver after 20 minutes of inactivity.

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