Disposable earphones LTG S-6 stereo

Brand: LTG

Application: tourism, museum, factory tours, simultaneous translations, conferences, training

Product description

Disposable stereo earphones LTG S-6 stereo - a disposable earphone that works perfectly in high noise. Headsets equipped with disposable stereo earphones are ideal for visiting factories or during conferences. Each disposable earphone is equipped with a 115-cm long cable and a 3.5 mm mini jack plug. Thanks to that, they can be used for any audio device. Additionally, each pair of LTG S-6 stereo earphones is packaged in individual bag, which gives full guarantee of the first use.

Technical data:


disposable stereo earphone

Size of speaker

13 mm

Cable length

115 cm


3,5 mm




32 Ω


95 db (+/-3 db)

Frequency response

20 - 20 000 Hz


individual bag


tour guide and audio guide system

  • very good quality at an affordable price
  • 3.5 mm mini jack plug - fits most audio devices and phones;
  • durability approx. 10 days of intensive use;
  • stereo earphones
Minimum order 1000 pcs.

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